Chew Proof Dog Beds: a comparison & how to pick the right one

Chew Proof Dog Beds: a comparison & how to pick the right one


With so many dog beds on the market it can be extremely difficult to pick the right one for you and your pup. We are here to help you make your decision making process seamless and effortless so you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting the right bed for your pup that will last a lifetime. In this detailed comparison, we'll explore how industry leading chew proof dog beds like K9 Ballistics, Gorilla Dog Beds and the Naughty Dog stack up against each other. 

Understanding Chew Proof Dog Beds vs. indestructible

When searching for a chew proof dog bed one thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as indestructible.  Companies will use chew proof to signify that they have the strongest beds on the market however one should know that no dog bed is 100% indestructible. When searching for your dog's bed you need to know the industry terminology.  Chew proof means the best, chew resistant means second best, tough & durable means 3rd best. If a company claims that their bed is indestructible I would steer clear.  

What type of chewer is your pup?

The next thing to keep in mind when deciding what bed you want to get you'll need to know what type of chewer your dog is.  Does your dog have high anxiety and can tear through metal and walls? Then I would just skip a bed all together.  If your dog is a persistent chewer but gives up after they cant get anywhere then you will want a chew proof dog bed.  If your dog loves to dig and scratch then a tough and durable bed would be a great fit for your pup.  One thing to know is that when shopping for beds I would stay away from ripstop fabric depending on the price point you are trying to stick to.  Rip stop sounds great but it is a cheaper alternative to better fabrics such as ballistic nylon and generally does not work well for determined dogs.  Is ripstop fabric durable? Yes.  Will it last a lifetime? no. 

Understanding the Need for Chew Proof Dog Bed

Traditional dog beds often fall short when it comes to durability, especially with aggressive chewers. That's why chew proof options are essential for providing a lasting solution.  If your dog loves to chew you may want to look into additional training and stimulation for your dog however training coupled with a great bed can do wonders not just for your dog but for your peace of mind.  When choosing a chew proof dog bed for your pup there are some essential things that you should be looking out for.  In today’s comparison of chew proof dog beds we are going to go over Price, Durability, Comfort, overall esthetic, and the company mission.

K9 Ballistics

K9 Ballistics is a company out of California and has been around for many years serving dogs and dog owners.  They offer by far the most options for dog beds for all price points and levels of comfort. As stated on their website “The K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Armored™ dog beds are virtually indestructible for persistent chewers. The K9 Ballistics Chew Resistant Ballistic Tough & Durable™ line addresses everyday wear and tear and the occasional chewers. Welcome to the world's best dog beds.”  The one thing that I would steer clear of is when someone says indestructible it is most certainly misleading.  I know it says nearly indestructible but the use of the term rubs me the wrong way.

When it comes to chew proof beds for K9 Ballistics the only bed they offer that is marketed chew proof is an elevated crate mat. If your dog bed is an aggressive chewer I would not buy one of their pillow beds or orthopedic beds. The elevated crate bed is arguably the most durable since the fabric is encapsulated by a metal frame however it is not the most comfortable for dogs. These metal frame beds are typically used for working dogs as a place command and for dog training, not normally used for dogs in homes.  Although that may be the case plenty of pet owners use these and swear by them, it is all preference.

When it comes to color options they are limited, you can choose from black, tan, and blue.  With an average rating of 4.8 stars and an average price point of $175 this is a great option for budget shoppers, assuming you don't mind that your bed is made in China.

Price - A+

Durability - A+

Comfort - C

Esthetic - C

Mission - A+

Gorilla dog beds

Gorilla Dog beds is a fantastic company that makes highly durable beds backed by testing.  These beds are made with ballistic nylon and comes with a 125 day chew proof warranty.  However the downside is that only the cover is under warranty so if your dog does get through the cover and gets to the mattress you will be out of luck.  The chew proof dog beds from gorilla dog beds come in two shapes: a circle or a rectangle and comes in 6 different colors.  There is only one option for a mattress which is a foam insert.  If your dog loves harder surfaces as opposed to something soft and more form fitting this would be the best bet for your dog.

With an average price of $263 this is most definitely on the more pricey end considering the warranty only covers a replacement cover and not the mattress.  One plus is that you can get these beds customized however the shipping time takes up to 2 weeks for your bed to ship.  I would recommend only getting this bed personalized knowing your dog is not the craziest of chewers because the personalized embroidery is also not covered under the warranty.  Seemingly enough they do honor the warranty however there are some hoops to jump through.

There is no company mission on the website however they do have a commitment to being American made and helping dog owners have a quality bed. With an average rating 4.9 stars all in all these are better than K9 ballistics but you do have to jump through some hoops to get your warranty.

Price - B

Durability - A+

Comfort - A

Esthetic - B+

Mission - C

The Naughty Dog

The Naughty Dog is a veteran operated company out of Denver colorado. Crafted from certified safe, military-grade nylon fabric, The Naughty Dog's Chew Proof Dog Bed offers unparalleled durability and comfort. The Naughty Dog has done rigorous testing with working bite K9’s to ensure the best quality. From cane corsos to belgian malinois this bed has been put to the test.  With an easy to remove cover and pillow, cleanup is easy.  Both the cover and pillow are machine washable. Free shipping and a 180-day replacement warranty give you peace of mind.  The warranty is also as easy as sending the company a picture with no hoops to jump through.  They issue you a one time gift card for the full amount of your bed purchased and can use it for whatever you want in the store.  And here's the best part – all the beds are proudly made in America, supporting local manufacturing and honoring our country's values.

With an average rating of 4.77 stars and 5 color options there is alot to choose from to fit your esthetic.  From military camo to basic colors that match your home great like the wolf gray there are options for everyone.  The average price point of $250 is on the higher end but it will be the last dog bed you buy and if your pup does get through, receiving your warranty is as easy as sending one email.  One thing that sets The Naughty Dog apart from other dog beds is that the pillow is not a memory foam mattress or shredded foam.  It is a human grade pillow made with a down alternative.  The bed was made in mind that it needed to be good enough to use for humans because pets are our children. All in all if you are looking for durability and comfort, with a strong mission to give back to our community here in the U.S.A this is the bed for you.  

Price - B

Durability - A+

Comfort - A+

Esthetic - A+

Mission - A+


To choose the right bed for your dog it really depends on how much you want to spend, your dog's chewing habits and the level of comfort you are looking for.  I have gone ahead and created a visual representation for you to view side by side the top chew proof dog beds on the market today.  All in all it really just depends on if you want good, better or best.  

Good - K9 Ballistics

Better - Gorilla Dog Beds

Best - The Naughty Dog

I hope this has helped clear the air and provided you with some valuable insight on how to choose the right chew proof dog bed not only for your dog but for you as well.  Stay tuned for more blog posts on chew proof dog beds, dog training material and so much more.  To stay up to date please subscribe to our newsletter and you can email us with any questions you have to Thanks for stopping by!

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