Giving Back with Clear Path for Veterans

The Naughty Dog has partnered with Clear Path for Veterans to provide 1% of all profits to their charitable program. If you purchase a dog bed for a veteran, 10% of all profits go to Clear Path for Veterans. We are dedicated to giving back to veterans and helping better their lives through connection, community, and companionship. At Clear Path for Veterans, veterans and their families find a place of connection and camaraderie, inclusion and inspiration.

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Clear Path for Veterans Canine Program

Our service dogs begin training as 8-week-old puppies for a lifetime of service and undergo an 18-month intensive program with our certified trainers and technician, so veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress (PTS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and/or experienced military sexual trauma (MST) can connect with their canine companions on a mutually beneficial level. Concurrently, veterans work with other staff members to identify and address barriers before being paired with their service dogs. This holistic approach distinguishes Clear Path for Veterans because veterans can access an array of additional services, enabling them to resolve challenges proactively and more comprehensively.

Holistic Wellness

Wellness programming at Clear Path for Veterans leverages the National Wellness Institute’s “Six Dimensions of Wellness” methodology, widely accepted as the industry standard. Regardless if a veteran or family member comes to Clear Path for Veterans in crisis or looking to excel, we embrace a holisticwarrior care model that meets them where they are and helps them to achieve the highest levels of emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical,social, and spiritual wellbeing.

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Our Mission


Clear Path for Veterans supports veterans and their families through community, programming, and direct services. Prioritizing wellness and personal development, Clear Path for Veterans takes a holistic approach to enriching lives and putting veterans on the path to success. When veterans thrive, communities thrive—and, for us, there is no mission that is more important.