Lifetime Warranty

If your dog damages their bed at any point during the first 120 days from your bed arriving we will issue you a one time replacement cover to replace your damaged product.
Manufacturer's Warranty
If the bed, bed component, or accessory arrives with any defects from the manufacturing process or damage from transit, we will replace the affected item free of charge. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the order. Dog and use-related damage to the item is not covered under this warranty.
More Details On One Time Warranty Replacements
Although we strive to make the strongest, most durable, and safest products available for our K9 friends, experienced pet parents must understand that a determined persistent chewer can eventually get through almost anything. As with any product you give your furry friend, if they have a history of destroying or ingesting objects, supervision is highly recommended.
If you purchased a warranty product, your warranty covers the replacement value of the cover of the dog bed if damaged within 120 days of receiving your bed. Warranties are not valid after 120 days of delivery of your bed.
The warranty is only applicable one time to your original purchase, warrantied covers do not come with a warranty of their own. We do not issue refunds for used or damaged items. 
Accessories and mattresses are covered by the 30 day manufacturer's warranty only. They are not covered by the 120 day Warranty one time replacement. They are made to last a lifetime but roughly 3% of dogs have been able to chew through if left unsupervised. As will any product you give a persistent chewer, supervision is suggested.
We will not replace pillows which have been damaged due to water damage or exposure to urine. Our pillows are machine washable.
To claim the warranty, simply send us 2 photo’s of the damaged product including your order number and original email used to purchase and last 4 digits of the debit/credit card used for the purchase. We must receive 1 Photo of the cover and 1 photo of the pillow separately. Please remove the outer cover before photographing as this will help us see the damaged area and have a proper assessment.
Warranty applicable only to items purchased directly from The Naughty Dog LLC.