About us

Our Mission

In challenging times, it becomes imperative to support one another.
In the face of a government that often overlooks our lifelong contributions, we recognize the need to seize control of our destinies. By setting aside our differences and uniting, we aspire to cultivate a community characterized by trust, loyalty, and, above all, unity.
The establishment of our brand stems from a deep-seated commitment to giving back and caring for our own. Our outreach encompasses veterans, the homeless, individuals with mental health needs, and displaced children.
Our product transcends the conventional notion of a dog bed. While undoubtedly offering unparalleled quality, it serves as a conduit for instigating positive change in an increasingly tumultuous world. Our mission extends beyond providing a superior dog bed; it is a pledge to create employment opportunities and empower individuals to make a meaningful impact.
With unwavering dedication, we embark on this journey, aiming to make a difference one chew-proof dog bed at a time. Our ultimate aspiration is to evolve into a household name, symbolizing not only exceptional products but also a catalyst for positive transformation

Core Values

  1. Our business is serving others and providing the best service and products possible.
  1. We live The American Dream to become the best version of ourselves to honor those that gave their lives for our freedom to do so.
  1. We take action and do not wait to do things, we get it done now. We are not afraid to make mistakes, we are afraid to stay the same.
  1. We win at everything we do.
  1. We encompass integrity to the highest standards.
  1. Personal Development is everything.  Push yourself to push others even if it means having a difficult conversation.
  1. No matter what happens we always have fun and are grateful.
  1. Things don't happen to us, they happen for us. Perspective is key.
  1. We do the right thing no matter the cost.
  1. We are family

Every core value is labeled number one because all are of equal importance. We need all of our values to work together in pursuit of our mission.  Without one we have nothing. 


Charlie Adams - Founder & CEO

Tim Wellenc - VP